Universal Vehicle Safety Car Seat Belt Alarm Stopper Alloy Buckle | Multi Bottle opener – 1 Piece


SILENCE AT LAST: Is the alarm sound “ding ding ding” driving you mad? Are you tired of having to reach and buckle the seat when you are just carrying something on your passenger seat? Worry not! This clever little device was created for your safety, comfort, convenience and peace of mind. After all, you can’t drive safely and calmly if you are and your hearing are disturbed by the constant noise. The seat belt clips alarm stopper will silence it so you can focus on driving calmly.

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Product Description:

  • High Compatibility:  Universal for all cars and truck belt buckles. As long as the shape and size of your seat belt clip is the same as our seat belt clip, then it can be perfectly compatible. Other ways are not universal. Eliminate Seat Belt Alarm – No more dents. When there is a seat belt alarm, just insert them into the belt buckle holes, confirm the installation until the warning disappears.
  • SPECIFICTION: Multiple use, you can use it as a seat belt or bottle opener, convenient and practical. Made in aluminum alloy & ABS plastic
  • EASY TO USE: Insert the seatbelt clip into the hole of the safety buckle, press lightly, installation will be confirmed after hearing the warning sounds eliminated.

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